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About Culture Ventures International

Culture Ventures International offers fully-guided, individually-designed small group and individual tour programs for active travelers and business delegations. Celebrating 10 years, CFVI activities and programs are integrated with the local culture and cuisine to create memorable experiences.

What sets us apart is providing our client’s authentic, unspoiled high value experiences. Our tour guides and cuisine are local. Our hotels offer a high level of quality, service and character. Travel expenses, hotels, and meals are included so you don't have to worry about unanticipated costs. Groups are never more than 20 insuring you the highest quality experience and maximum independence.

Long-standing and current relationships government, business, education and industry at the highest levels insure our clients access to decision makers. We are a trusted and reliable source for making business and professional contacts at high levels and provide our clients the efficient logistics. Programs are varied and targeted to client needs ranging from newspaper publishers and business, education, and finance leaders.

Individual and family programs range from honeymoons in exotic locales to art, music, culinary and wine experiences. Most meals and cooking schools are with family-owned businesses and showcase regional specialties. All collaborative partnerships are with family-owned.

High value, one-of-a-kind custom travel experiences

Collaborative partnerships in the Pacific rim, including New Zealand and Hawaii; European countries of Ireland, Croatia Slovenia, Italy, France, Ireland, Germany, Scandinavia; Eastern Europe to Istanbul as well as India. Bicycling, hiking, kayaking, and other active adventures can be incorporated aiding cultural connections and facilitating friendships that last a lifetime integrating food, fun, fitness.

Our business collaborations provide you assistance with import-export regulations, business contacts and assistance with currency.

About Karl Gutknecht

Karl Gutknecht Founder Karl Gutknecht is a professional public affairs leader, native to the USA, who lived in Europe and studied in German Universities. A journalist, he served in career executive positions both with trade and government associations and agencies and in private and public universities. His fluency in the German and working knowledge of Italian and French assists in credibility and business.

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About Charles Forsmo

Charles Forsmo Charlie Forsmo was a writer and photographer for several Wisconsin newspapers before working in typesetting, printing and legal publishing for several government agencies. A life-long bicycle enthusiast, he worked briefly in the outdoor industry before joining Culture Ventures as a planning associate. He enjoys outdoor and travel photography as well as canoeing and kayaking.

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